FREE Sample: Long Division Worksheets

Three FREE sample worksheets from my new long division series:

It’s Only Long Division Lesson 1

The set (with 9 worksheets) is available here for $1:

The complete set (with 9 worksheets and 3 PPTs) is available here for $3:

Division WS 1Division WS 2Division WS 3Division WS 4

TPT Freebie: Long Division PowerPoint

Long Division FREE Sample Title

This item is an introductory sample for my new Long Division series. The FREE product is available here:–2495918

A slide from the lesson…


Long Division Slide

Here’s a link to the first installment in the series:

The product offers 3 interactive PowerPoint lessons and 9 worksheets for the low price of $3.

A “How To” for Multiple Choice Reading Tests

While I’m not an advocate of the modern testing culture, I do believe that children who are subjected by law to having the quality of their minds assessed by state-mandated multiple choice tests should be given the best possible chance to prove that they are valuable commodities.

Multiple Choice Title The following products were designed to help students navigate their way safely through the common snares found in multiple choice reading tests:

Introducing the Common Types of Multiple Choice Reading Questions:

Multiple Choice Reading Practice Set #1:

Free Sample: