What If?

Originally published by AMERICANSCAPEGOAT.COM

January 7, 2016

book-933280_960_720Approximately 2.4 million students who attended American public schools in 2011 were classified as learning disabled.

Approximately 80% of those students (or nearly 2 million) had a reading disability.

Students who are labeled as learning disabled in reading must first demonstrate that their skills are “well below the average range of scores in culturally and linguistically appropriate tests of reading.”

Prior to diagnosing any learning disability, students are screened to ensure that health impairments, such as vision and hearing deficiencies, are not the cause of their reading difficulties.

There is no test to measure the quality of the reading instruction that students receive prior to being diagnosed with a reading disability.

What if some of those nearly 2 million students who were diagnosed with a reading disability failed to receive effective reading instruction prior to being evaluated?

Source: https://www.ncld.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2014-State-of-LD.pdf