Book Study #1: Best Preface Ever!

Originally published by AMERICANSCAPEGAOT.COM

November 11, 2015

JohhnyAn eagerly awaited copy of Why Johnny Can’t Read: And What You Can Do About It arrived in the mail today.  If it’s true that you can judge a book by the opening paragraph of its preface, this is going to be a delightful read.


This double-purpose book, with its rather awkward double-purpose title, needs a bit of explanation.  Let me put it this way: Just as war is “too serious a matter to be left to the generals,” so, I think, the teaching of reading is too important to be left to the educators.  This book, therefore, is not addressed to teachers and teachers’ college professors but to fathers and mothers.  I tried, to the best of my ability, to write a book they can use to help their children read.

-Rudolph Flesch