Just a Quick Thought #7: Postmodernism Is Only the Beginning

Originally published by AMERICANSCAPEGOAT.COM

October 28, 2015


We tell children to trust their feelings, listen to their hearts, and pursue their passions.  We celebrate their uniqueness and all of the differences that make them special.  We praise their smallest attempts at creative expression.  Then, we pull the rug out from under them right when it really counts.  We stop preaching individualism in matters relating to the mind.  When it comes to thought, we train children to blindly trust experts and we shame them for making any value judgments that fall outside of well-established boundaries.  Once a child is conditioned to accept that the right to speak confidently is a privilege granted by experts, and that there are too many fields of study for one person to “know it all,” a new kind of person has been created, one who believes that self-doubt is the beginning of wisdom.