My Silly Old Uncle

Uncle Sam

I have an uncle who spent over $125, 000 to put my cousin through school.  My cousin graduated without mastering the fundamental skills provided in a basic Grade 3 education.

I’ve got another cousin who will start kindergarten next fall.  My silly old uncle is set on opening up his wallet again to send the young one through the same system as the hopelessly useless graduate.

Just a Quick Thought #9: An Assembly Line Metaphor

Ford_assembly_line_-_1913An assembly line worker in a factory noticed that production units were arriving at his station missing many of their standardized components. The plant manager was notified of the situation.  The message was then relayed to the company’s executives.  After much expert deliberation, the assembly line worker was directed to provide advanced production in order to ensure that each unit would have all of its required parts before arriving at the next assembly station at its scheduled time.

Just a Quick Thought #6: A Chevy Celebrity Metaphor

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October 21, 2015

Image of 1986 Chevy Celebrity courtesy of:

I once owned a 1988 Chevy Celebrity.  It started to develop problems after a while.  The problems could always be fixed by spending more money on the car.  If I had been able to increase my funding to a level sufficient for continuing to repair each new problem, I could still be driving a 1988 Chevy Celebrity today.